How do I create a class roster in PowerSchool?

Class Rosters are a useful tool that can be used in many different ways.  Some of the ways that we see schools use them are:

  • To confirm that scheduling for every teacher is complete.
  • Create manual entry attendance tracking sheets for days without internet or field trips.
  • To give specific information to teachers about their students on a regular basis like phone numbers of Parents/Guardians.
  • and more!

Designing and Running Class Rosters

Class rosters can be found by navigating from the PowerSchool Home Page > System Reports (Reports) > Class Rosters (PDF) (Student Listings)

Part 1:  Teacher/Section Selection and Header

In the screen shot below, there are four major areas that you should fill out in order to select the teacher and group of students and while customizing the header.

Selecting a Teacher

In the “Print rosters for” box, you can hand select the teachers by holding down the CTRL (Windows) or COMMAND (Mac) buttons.

Selecting a group of students

In order to select students to show, you must understand the periods/days that the section meets.  This is found in the “Meeting(s) (leave unchecked for all)” section.

Additionally, you need to select a time range for the scheduled students.  Obviously this should change from Semester 1 to Semester 2, so you have a choice to fix this report for a specific date.  If you wish to run the report according to the term that you are working in (top right corner), select “Include students who “are currently enrolled in class””.

Customizing the Header

In this field we prefer to keep it simple with the sample code below.  If you wish to customize this area, it is possible by clicking on “Fields”.

Teacher: ~(teachername)

Period: ~(*class_expression)

Course Name ~(CourseName)

Course Number: ~(Course_Number)

# of Students: ~(No_of_students)

Room:  ~(Room)

Part 2:  Student Listing

The second half of the page contains all of your data that you will list for a particular student and follows the format of:

field name \ column title \ column width \ alignment

For our example, we use:

Student_Number \ Student Number \ 1 \ C
lastfirst \ Name \ 2 \ L
Grade_Level \ Grade \ 1 \ C

Submit and congrats!  You have a class roster!

Updated on August 11, 2023
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