How do I export Test Scores from PowerSchool?

To extract a list of student test scores into a tab delimited text file, we will follow a simple two step process:

  1. Select the students that you wish to export
  2. Use the Quick Export Function with your custom Test Scores DAT code

Step 1: Select the students that you wish to export

Selecting students is easy. You can make this selection from the start page using queries or click on the groups that you wish to isolate. Once you have the students selected, you will be able to see a pulldown menu to “Select a function for this group of students.” It is here that you can select “Quick Export.”

Step 2: Use the Quick Export Function with your custom test score code

Simple Test Export

If you want to use a very basic code set that will export the latest numerical test score for Math on the CST, the following code should be sufficient:


You can replace “CST” with whatever Test is relevant.  The same applies for “Math” with whatever Test Score Name is relevant

Advanced Test Score Functionality*

If you want to use more advanced extractions of test scores, we can use PowerSchool’s built-in DAT code functionality to change the output. The following format will give you an idea of the customizations that are possible. Please contact us if you wish to do more advanced extractions of test scores with PowerSchool.


^(tests;name=[name];score=[score name];which=[test selection];type=[type];result=[output result];format=[output format])

  • name
    • Identifies the test associated with the score.
    • EX: ^(tests;name=CST;...
  • score
    • Identifies the test score to report. Setup Test Scores at Start Page > District > Tests > Edit Scores.
    • EX: ^(tests;score=Math;...
  • which
    • If there is more than one score for a student with the score name specified in the “score” parameter, use the “which” parameter to identify which of the score to use.
    • which=first: Score from first test taken
    • which=last: Score from last test taken
    • which=best: Best test score
    • which=current: Score from current term
    • which=[TermID], such as 2200
    • which=[Grade_Level], such as 11,or 12
    • EX: ^(tests;which=last;...
  • type
    • Identifies the type of score to report. [StudentTestScore]AlphaScore, [StudentTestScore]NumScore and [StudentTestScore]PercentScore
    • ^(tests;type=num
    • ^(tests;type=percent
    • ^(tests;type=alpha
    • EX: ^(tests;type=num;...
  • result
    • Determines what result the DAT will produce. For example, if you want to show the average of several scores, the DAT would appear as.
    • ^(tests;result=value: The value of the scores.
    • ^(tests;result=sum: The sum of the scores.
    • ^(tests;result=avg: The average of the scores.
    • ^(tests;result=date: The date of the scores.
    • ^(tests;result=count: The number of scores.
    • ^(tests;result=min: Uses the minimum scores.
    • ^(tests;result=max: Uses the maximum scores.
    • EX: ^(tests;results=value;...
  • format
    • EX: ^(tests;format=##0.00;...
    • EX: ^(tests;format=##000;...

* (Source: Data Access Tags Supplement, Published by Pearson on 01/24/2013)

Updated on December 19, 2023
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