How do I manage CALPADS Staff data in Aeries?

Complete Staff Data Entry Into Aeries

Management of Fall 2 data can be broadly categorized into three steps.

  1. Identifying Staff by Job Classification (Due for Fall 2 Certification as of Census Date)
  2. Complete Staff Data Entry In Your Student Information System (Recommended: as staff are hired or job assignments change the SIS should be updated to prepare for both Fall 2 and End of Year (EOY) reporting)
  3. Complete Course Data Entry In Your Student Information System (Recommended: as courses are added, the SIS should be updated to prepare for both Fall 2 and End of Year (EOY) reporting)

By now, you should have a list of all of the staff members that are to be reported through CALPADS. 

Staff data can be broadly categorized into three types:

  1. Staff Ethnicity/Race (All staff)
  2. Core Staff Demographics (All staff)
  3. Staff Assignments (All staff) 

Step 1: Staff Ethnicity/Race and Demographics (All staff)

To search for a staff member > from the Home Page > using the left menu bar > Click the School Info dropdown > then select Staff to get a list of staff members.

This takes you to the Staff Search screen. Select the staff member that you wish to view/update by entering their last name or ID or scroll down and Click Add New Staff Member.

When you select the desired staff member, the screen should appear like the one below.  It is here that you can start to enter in the key demographic data in the red squares:

On this page, you will be prompted to complete the Staff Demographic information.

Using the link to the CALPADS Code Sets, under “System Documentation” locate the “CALPADS Code Sets” and click to download the file.

  • Legal Name
    • Required, Middle Initial optional
  • Local Staff ID*
    • Required, typically auto-assigned when the staff record is created
  • State (Educator) ID
    • This number is issued by the CTC (  Each school should have access to the database that will allow the school to lookup the SEID number using the staff member’s Social Security Number and/or name.  The web address to lookup this number is and you can request a User ID and Password by sending an e-mail to the CTC Information Services Unit at:
    • For a teacher who meets the following criteria, according to the CALPADS User Manual. An SEID of 9999999999 may be used.
      • College professors with no K-12 credentials
      • Courses identified as college courses in CALPADS will not generate an exception
      • Contracted employees (COE, other districts, ROC/Ps, outside agencies) This will generate an exception, LEAs must provide evidence that educator holds appropriate credential and authorizations in CalSAAS
  • Gender
    • Required
  • Birthdate
    • Required
  • Total Years of Edu Service
    • Required.  This field should be incrementally increased every year.
  • Total Years in this District
    • Required.  This field should be incrementally increased every year.
  • Hire Date
    • This is the first day that the staff member was considered to be active as a staff member
  • Pos Stat (Position Status)
  • Ed Lvl (Education Level)
    • 1-Tenured
    • 2-Probationary
    • 3-Temporary
    • 4-Other
  • Previous Last, First, Middle Name (If applicable)
  • Ethnicity
    • This is a Y or N answer to the question:  “Is this staff member Hispanic or Latino?”
  • Race 1-5
  • Then click Save

Step 2:  Staff Assignments

Now that demographics are entered, next step is to enter the “Job Assignments” that explain what their job role is along with Start dates, End dates and FTE (Full Time Equivalency) percentages.

Scroll down under “Staff Data (SFT) and click on “Add New Job Assignment”.

When adding a new record, there are a few required fields and a few optional ones:

  • Job Classification (Required)
  • FTE Full-Time Equivalency (Required)
    • The most common value for this field is likely to be 1 for a full time employee.  For part time staff, anywhere from 1 to 99 is also acceptable.
  • Start Date and End Date (Not required but GOOD PRACTICE)
    • It is good practice to open and close Staff Assignments every year as job roles change and ensuring that every record closes forces you to view each school year with a fresh start.  Otherwise, you will find your self changing past records each year as staff move to different positions.
  • School (If other than current)
    • As titled, this does not need to be specified if you are making the change for the school that you are logged into.  For multi-school sites, it is a BEST PRACTICE to populate this field.
  • Non-Classroom based job assignment codes
  • Click the “Save” icon located on the left side.

For more information on course data: How do I manage the CALPADS course data in Aeries?

Updated on October 2, 2023
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