How do I calculate and reconcile my Attendance Data in PowerSchool for Arizona?


This article explains how to calculate non limited ADM in PowerSchool. In Arizona a student’s ADM may be limited, or reduced, if they attend multiple schools in the same year.

To learn more about limiting or to check actual limited ADM for students, please see this article: Understanding Limiting for ADM (Average Daily Membership) in AzEDS for State Reporting.

From the home page of PowerSchool:

To ensure that you capture all students including students that have exited, use the following query “/EntryDate=>”.

Select the dropdown below the list of students, bottom right > select Quick Export

Use the following fields for the quick export.

  • These fields can be manually typed in or use the “Fields” hyperlink to search for the values.
    • State_StudentNumber
    • Student_Number
    • LastFirst
    • Grade_Level
  • ^(*DA;08/08/22;10/03/22)
  • ^(daily.att.count;current;UA,EZ,OSS,PA,MD,FA;8/8/22;7/1/23)
    • Include all relevant codes that would result in an absence and ensure you are using the correct reporting period dates.
  • Click Submit

Open the downloaded file.

Reconciling AzEDS to PowerSchool Attendance Data

Either manually or using your favorite spreadsheet program, compare the following columns for each student:

  • Compare the “Days Absent” column on ADM15 to the “daily.att.count” column on the PowerSchool Extract.
    • For most students, Membership FTE is 1.0, so the absences and “Days Absent” are the same. However, Kindergarten students, for example, are 0.5 FTE, so their “Days Absent” on ADM15 is exactly half of their reported absences (from the SIS).

You now have a process to reconcile your PowerSchool Attendance in AzEDS!

Updated on January 17, 2023
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