How do I select the current list of Special Education students in PowerSchool? (California)

PowerSchool for California manages special education as programs that are associated with each student.  Therefore, in order to determine who our special education students are, we must select the students enrolled in CALPADS program 144 which is the number designated as a special education program.  To make that selection from the home page, select System Reports (Reports) > State (Tab).  You should have a screen that then looks like this:

Step 1:  Make these students the current selection

20140129 1219 Capture

By scrolling down the page, you should see a section titled “Utilities and Search Functions”.  Click on the report called “CALPADS Student Program Enrollments”

20140129 1221 Capture

Then click on the “Display” text next to (144) Special Education

20140129 1224 Capture

Click on the “Make these students the current selection” button at the bottom of the page.

20140129 1230 Capture

If you just wanted to know the current number of students, you should be done!  If you have other actions that you wish to perform on this group of students such as exporting their names and demographic information, Quick Export is a good place to start.

Step 2:  Group Functions

If you want to start reviewing each student individually, click on the number shown in your current student selection such as below:

20140129 1234 Capture

Updated on June 5, 2018
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