How do I use AzEDS ADM15 to Reconcile the SPED20, EL20, and ADM20 Reports for State Reporting?


40- and 100-day ADM (Average Daily Membership) Count

This article will show you how to extract 40-day (or 100-day) student level ADM reports and compare them to the ADM20 aggregate report in AzEDS. This process can also be applied using EL20 and SPED20 reports.

Once you have access to the SPED20, EL20, and ADM20 reports, you will see a 40-day ADM count. On the SPED and EL reports, you will also see a 100-day count.

To learn how to access state reports see this article How do I Access ADM (Average Daily Membership) Reports for AzEDS State Reporting?

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Actual vs Projected

When you see the ADM20 report, you will notice actual and projected columns.

After the 40th calendared school day, the 40-day count becomes the ACTUAL count. Until the 101st day, the 100-day count remains “projected.”

Reconciling Against the ADM15 report

These numbers can be reconciled against the ADM15 report.

Make sure the Capture Date matches the report you are validating and select the school(s) you are validating for. Then click “View Report.”

Export and Filter Report

Export the report to CSV and open in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Set a filter for the sheet. You will use the following three columns in the reconciliation process:

  • ADM Type
    • To validate the ADM20 total, filter to only display “Regular”.
  • Reporting Period Name
    • Filter by either “1-40th day” or “1-100 day”.
  • Limited ADM
    • Click the column letters above “Limited ADM” (likely AG in Excel) and look at the bottom of the window to find the “Sum:” value.

Matching to the ADM20 Report

The ADM20 report provides aggregate data.

The Sum should equal the reported ADM on the ADM20 report EXACTLY.

As you can see above, both the sum of the “LimitedADM” and Grand Total of ADM on the ADM20 match perfectly: 342.2672

Validating Other ADM Report Totals

Follow the same process to validate other reports’ ADM totals:

*Note: ADM20 does NOT report a 100-day period, but you can still calculate it using this method.

As you can see, all three reports can be reconciled against the state data using the ADM15 report.

Updated on February 7, 2023
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