Which reports are used for AzEDS ADM (Average Daily Membership) State Reporting?


SPED20, EL20, and ADM20 are reports that summarize the ADM (Average Daily Membership) for students at AZ K-12 schools.

  • SPED20 = Total of Special Education students’ generated ADM, listed by qualifying disability
  • EL20 = Total of English Language Learners’ generated ADM, listed by program model
  • ADM20 = Total of Regular program students’ generated ADM, listed by grade

These reports are necessary to understand and reconcile as part of the October 1 Data Collection (ODC) progress. These ADM calculations are used to determine funding amounts for the school.


Below are examples of the reports used in the ADM calculation.

Example SPED20 Report

Example EL20 Report

Example ADM20 Report

Updated on January 13, 2023
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